Bruskotter Farms is a family farm located in the southwest corner of Ohio.  We are experienced breeders of Arabian horses and one of the only miniature beltie breeders in the US.  We specialize in providing affordable animals for the family farm.



Fun Cattle

Charles bkr wondering what all the excitement is about

If you are going to have a cow in the pasture, might as well make it a cute one.  Our cattle are guaranteed car stoppers.  The entire neighborhood will be talking about the little oreos running around your pastures.

Miniature Cattle

Beautiful Horses

Bey Dedicashahn - the horse that started it allakr

Life's too short to ride ugly horses.  And we ride for a LONG time over NAUSEATING distances.  The only thing that makes it worth it is having a beautiful partner that is up to the challenge.

Arabian Horses>

Exciting Adventures

we're off to find what is at the end of the rainbow

We don't believe in standing still and variety is the spice of life.  Whether it is finding exciting new trails to follow or experimenting with new farming technology we'll take you on the adventures with us.