Miniature Belties are a wonderful animal for any family farm.  Small in stature but large in character, these beeves provide a conversation piece.  Consider them 'yard art' for the homesteader.


Bud wondering who this giant is providing the quality scratching

One day,  as I was on a back road in NE Texas I saw a large field full of oreo cows.  They were wonderful.  I had never seen belted cows before and I was immediately entranced.

Fast forward a few years.  I was waxing poetic about my love for all cows that were belted.  Someone mentions to me that belted cattle come in miniature.  SHUT UP.  I couldn't stop myself and began to dream of the day when I too could have a pasture full of little oreos.

In 2003 we bought our first farm.  Located in Taylorsville, KY (a rural town outside of Louisville).  It was 12 acres with a beautiful house and just brimming with possibilities.  That year, we purchased our first 3 brood cows (purebred Belted Galloways) and our first American Mini Beltie bull named Mike's Little Fireball (aka Bud) from Richard Gradwohl in Washington State.

Calving season is always the most fun

We had some back luck with our initial brood cows but with perseverance (and a few additional cows) we were well on our way to becoming mini cattle barons.

Bud, after a few years, injured his stifles and was unable to breed so we had to purchase a new bull (enter JR).  JR took to his herd of cows like a duck to water and gave us many beautiful calves before he succumbed to the ravages of a life well lived.  We have his hide and horns hanging on the wall in our basement.

Our third bull is Ferd II.  He is a dehorned, red bull with a double wide white belt.  He is the smallest bull we've had and he too enjoys hanging out with the ladies.  

We've added 3 additional cows to our herd (up to a total of 6 cows).  And we have upgraded our farm from the fun sized 12 acres to the more serious 50+ acres.  The cows enjoy access to grass pastures, cool woods and a creek for water.  We do not supplement with any grain and the only shelter provided is what they can find in the woods.

Please check out our For Sale page for information on the cattle we have for sale.


Miniature Belted Cattle

Are a combination of a belted breed of cattle (we use Belted Galloways) and a naturally smaller breed (Dexters are always fun).  Both Belted Galloways and Dexters were developed as homesteader cattle.  This meant a cow was able to provide both milk and meat for a family.  The cow was bred and the resulting calf fed the family in the winter while the cow provided milk.  They are very calm, gentle breeds and do well in any climate.

Our mini belties range in size from 36" at the hip to 46".  They come in the traditional black, dun and red.  We prefer a nice full belt but any white around the abdomen indicates that the belt gene is present.

Mini belties are wonderful for those who prefer grass fed beef.  They are hardy cattle that are phenomenal browsers.  The meat tends to be very lean as they usually inherit the double coat from the Belted Galloway cow.  The cows calf without assistance.  Their small stature allows for ease of handling, reduced maintenance of fences and a great way to meet new people as they stop outside your farm to take pictures.